The need for a public health approach to drug policy reform couldn’t be clearer. The Tory government may continue to conveniently disregard the issues arising from prohibition, but drug related deaths are at an all-time high, with the effects being felt most acutely by marginalised members of society. Meanwhile, the use of stop and search - an ineffective and pervasive tactic - continues to rise, disproportionately affecting BAME individuals, as ever.

29 Mar 2021 | Virtual

On Monday (6:30 - 7:30) LCDPR will be hosting Let’s Talk Drug Policy Reform, a one-off event looking at Momentum’s uptake of the issue in their policy primary. Featuring listed supporters Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP and Monica Lennon MSP, as well as Peter Kyrkant, founder of Glasgow’s Safe Injecting Van and Imani Robison, editor of Talking Drugs, the interactive panel event is an opportunity to widen the conversation within the party and strengthen the case for change. 

LCDPR will be independently supporting this event with facilitation and hosting, reforms put forward by panellists may not reflect those of our recommendations, which can be found here.

The event will be held via zoom and streamed on our Facebook page. 


Lola Brittain, LCDPR Ambassador


Monica Lennon, MSP

Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP

Peter Krykant, Safer Consumption Glasgow

Imani Robison, Talking Drugs Editor

Please find the webinar link here:

Passcode: 099714

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