With drug induced deaths at a 20 year high in Australia, a coalition of 60 charity, community and health groups are launching a campaign to push for a rethink of current drug policy.

4 Oct 2018

The Fair Treatment campaign, led by Uniting NSW and ACT, will be launched in part by entrepreneur and global drug reform advocate Richard Branson in Sydney on 12 October. 

Uniting NSW and ACT senior executive Doug Taylor said the war on drugs was not working and that the response to illicit drugs needed to change. 

“Meaningful drug policy reform, for the fair treatment of all people, will only come through a courageous movement of people intent on forging a new path for people affected by drug policy,” Taylor said. 

“To this end the Uniting Church (NSW and ACT) and its service arm, Uniting, together with 60 other partner agencies is launching The Fair Treatment campaign.” 

NSW Council for Social Services, Aboriginal Legal Service, NSW Bar Association, Australian Human Rights Watch and Hepatitis Australia, were among some of the partnered organisations signed onto the campaign.  

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