The new report: ‘The negative impact of drug control on public health: The global crisis of avoidable pain’ has been published.

29 Oct 2015

The report is now available to download free from the Global Commission on Drug Policy website.

According to the report, a “global crisis of inequitable access to controlled medicines” is being exacerbated by current drug policy.

5.5 billion people worldwide are estimated to have “poor to nonexistent access” to opioid pain medications such as morphine. This results in the avoidable pain and suffering of people around the world.

Africa Pain

At the last estimate, 92 percent of the world’s supply of morphine was consumed by just 17 percent of the global population, with that consumption being mainly concentrated in the global north.

Read more about the report on ehospice.

Download the report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy website.

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