"Those who fall into drug dependence become a medical problem from which we, as a society, cannot escape and they badly need our help"

2 Jun 2015

IDHDP is very pleased to welcome Professor Averil Mansfield to the Board

"As a surgeon, I have had limited contact with the medical problems associated with drug use but it has become clear to me that the present approach is not satisfactory."

"The medical profession should look squarely at the issue and debate it as a medical problem. We have vast expertise to call upon and compassionate understanding to offer. Our involvement, indeed our leadership, in this debate will ensure that the medical issues become central to the national debate and the criminal justice aspects are put into a more accurate context."

Professor Mansfield discusses the BMA report on drug dependence.

"I look forward to working with colleagues to put health at the core of future drug policy"

Read article in BMA here



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