At the recent CND meeting in Vienna, Harm Reduction International launched its 10 by 20 campaign. It calls on governments to redirect just 10% of the resources currently spent on law enforcement to provably effective harm reduction interventions by the year 2020

31 Mar 2015

At the recent opening of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Harm Reduction International launched its 10 by 20 campaign, calling on governments to redirect 10% of the resources that they currently spend in the war on drugs to harm reduction.

Harm reduction interventions are low cost but have remarkably high impact, keeping HIV infection rates low among people who inject drugs and saving lives and healthcare costs.  Yet many countries still do not provide harm reduction and global funding for it amounts to just $160 million – only 7% of what is needed.  

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By contrast, each year governments spend over $100 billion waging an ineffective war on drugs.  Launching 10 by 20 with an outspoken intervention in Vienna, HRI called on them to redirect a tenth of this money to harm reduction.

See full campaign here

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