Three men have died after taking a new synthetic drug, the BBC has learned. The three deaths in Birmingham, since October 2021, happened after the men took opioid N-pyrrolidino etonitazene.

1 Jul 2022

Students Dylan Michael Byfield-Levell, 20, and Jakob Wozniak, 19, both died. Entrepreneur Miles Elliott Davis, 27, also lost his life.

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IDHDP Board Member, Dr Judith Yates, who collates drug deaths in Birmingham and identified the deaths, said she had been "shocked" after seeing the opioid's effects. 

Mr Byfield-Levell, from Sutton Coldfield, had an underlying heart condition and was found collapsed at home by a relative at 05:15 GMT on 2 October after being out with friends.

Birmingham and Solihull coroner Emma Brown confirmed his death was due to natural causes in combination with drug and alcohol use.

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