Kerugoya District hospital located in Kirinyaga County is one of the facilities identified by the Ministry of Health to integrate palliative care services.

11 Jan 2016

The county has also attested to the need of these services in the region due to the big burden of life threatening illnesses including cancer, diabetes, HIV among others. For these two reasons, the hospital identified a team of healthcare workers with interest and training in palliative care to spear head setting up of these services at the county hospital.

Palliative Kiri

“You have an important role in establishing palliative care services,” said Mr. Mutemi representing the county director of health. “We will also need to roll out these services to the sub county facilities so that patients in those sites benefit and reduce unnecessary referrals. This was said during a pain management workshop organized by Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) held at the Kerugoya District Hospital in December 2015.

Knowledge is power’ and the team noted that the hospital staff needed to be enlightened on pain management as it has been a common presenting complaint by patients with palliative care needs.

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