You are in the worst pain of your life and the only way to get medication is to travel for hours on a rickety old bus, while you are in agony.

7 May 2014

Because of restrictive drug laws, it is incredibly complicated to obtain pain medicines like morphine in Mexico. Outside of the major cities there are almost no doctors that prescribe them or pharmacies where patients can fill prescriptions for these pain killers. As a result, thousands of people who are dying of diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS often cannot get access to essential pain relief.

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Morphine is cheap, effective, and endorsed by the World Health Organization as an essential medicine. Yet it remains unavailable to so many people in Mexico who desperately need it.

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We'd like to bring this issue to life for audiences in Mexico and around the world. We want to show you the faces and stories of the people who endure this needless suffering. We want our video to take you inside the lives of their families, introduce you to their doctors, and present the activists who are trying to change the law in Mexico.

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