The spread of chemsex in Russia is “associated with the emergence of new and affordable drugs and with the development of technologies for their purchase,” ARF outreach worker Maxim Malyshev tells Filter.

18 Feb 2019

On January 31, the Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice (ARF) announced that it will: deepen collaborations with the queer community by offering more chemsex-related events; create chemsex harm reduction publications, organize a “self-help group,” and recommit resources to its safer sex supplies program. That program currently provides STI testing and self-tests, condoms, counseling, and sexual health literature at gay techno events.

Chemsex -russia -pic

ARF is responding to booming chemsex-related drug use in the Russian queer community, with around 8 percent of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Russia and Ukraine practicing chemsex, according to a 2017 study by Ukranian LGBT organization ALLIANCE.GLOBAL.

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