People who use heroin and other strong opiates have resisted all efforts so far to get off drugs, so authorities have turned to the controversial 'cure' of methadone.

23 Feb 2017

Thailand has introduced a harm reduction programme to combat national drug issues after punitive measures failed to stop people suffering from drug-related problems. 

The country declared a war on drugs more than 10 years ago which focused on corrective policy including legal measures, penalties and crackdowns. 

The so-called "war" was never won, however, as the number of prisoners getting caught abusing drugs has not dropped. 

Bankok Post

Thailand has one of the world's highest prison population rates; about 70% of prisoners are incarcerated for drug-related offences. 

Department of Narcotics Litigation deputy director-general Jitnara Nawarat said Thailand is "seeing the light at the end of the tunnel" as it has now implemented harm redcution strategies to tackle drug problems.

"A prison is not a place where substance users come to receive drug therapy treatment," he said. 

"Under harm reduction programme, they are urged to come out to see health personnel who can give them care." 

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