Amnesty International has accused the Philippine police of "systematically planning" extrajudicial killings in the controversial war against drugs.

10 Feb 2017

The rights group also said in a report that the killings may constitute "crimes against humanity".

More than 7,000 have been killed since President Rodrigo Duterte launched his "war" on the drug trade in July.

He has always defended the crackdown, saying police were only authorised to open fire when threatened by suspects.

But on Monday, the president suspended it and ordered a "clean-up" of the police force following the murder of a South Korean businessman by a group of rogue anti-drug police officers.

There has been no government reaction to the Amnesty report, but the Philippine police have also consistently said those killed were resisting arrest.

Amnesty disputed this based on witness testimony and independent investigations, saying it was "deeply concerned that the deliberate and widespread killings of alleged drug offenders....appear to be systematic, planned and organised by the authorities".

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