New routes have emerged and recipes have been tweaked, adn as a result of all this innovation, wholesale drug prices are falling, according to DrugScope.

6 Feb 2015

FOR discerning drug users, these are high times. DrugScope, a charity, reports in its latest annual street survey that the purity of illicit drugs such as cocaine, Ecstasy and heroin is rising across Britain. Peter Cain, a drugs specialist at LGC Forensics, a private forensic-science company, has spotted similar trends in recent years. His analysis suggests that over the past five years cocaine has risen from an average purity of 18% to 51%. The purity of heroin almost doubled between 2011 and 2014, from 18% to 33%.

The cleanest heroin in the country is found in the West Midlands, where it is more than 50% pure, says Detective Constable Vince Jones, a drugs officer there. That is because it is the heroin-import capital for Britain. As junk moves around the country the quality declines because wholesalers cut it with other substances. But in the neighbouring West Mercia force area heroin is still 45% pure, according to Mr Cain.

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