People who inject drugs are 24 times more at risk of acquiring HIV than adults in the general population.

1 Dec 2017

Remarkable progress is being made on HIV treatment. Just before World AIDS Day at the beginning of this month, UNAIDS launched a new report showing that access to treatment has risen significantly.

However, with fifteen people who inject drugs becoming infected with HIV every hour the onus must be on prevention.  With such overwhelming evidence this latest report calls for access to harm reduction and public health programmes for all.

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Read UNAIDS report here

Current ill-conceived policies are failing to address the health needs of people who use drugs. Increasingly harsh laws and lack of help and treatment have driven the problem deeper into the shadows, intensifying the HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis epidemics and reducing the number of people seeking help.

Doctors in every country must demand change to these policies if they are to be able to prevent and treat these diseases.


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