Naloxone is a crucial harm reduction tool. In the right hands (anyone who is likely to witness an overdose), it can save lives and prevent permanent injuries.

21 Nov 2016 to 25 Nov 2016 |

Why have a Naloxone Awareness Week?

People who use opioids such as heroin, codeine, fentanyl and oxycontin are vulnerable to overdose. In 2015, more than one person a day died of overdose in Australia.

Naloxone (also known as Narcan) is a harmless substance that can save people from opioid overdose. It is relatively easy to use and is available either on prescription or over the counter at a pharmacy.

We are holding a Naloxone Awareness Week to enable those who use opioids, their friends and families, people who work with people who use opioids and the wider community to become confident in the identification and treatment of overdose, including the use of naloxone.


What will ReGen be doing for Naloxone Awareness Week?

ReGen will be undertaking a range of activities during the week:

• FREE training on how to recognise and respond to overdose, as well as access to FREE naloxone (at the end of the training. We will be running two different sessions on Wednesday, 23 November, at our Coburg site for the following groups:

- Community-sector workers who want to know how to educate people as well as how to respond to overdose (10am - 12noon).
- People who use opioids, their families & friends and the wider community (1pm - 3pm).

We will be providing a lunch between the two training sessions to allow people to chat and share ideas and experiences.

• Information displays and presentations across ReGen’s sites.

• Awareness raising through media releases and social media advocacy.

• Agency representation at related external events.

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