UK screening and discussion of Incarceration Nations Network’s (INN) powerful new documentary ‘Smart on Drugs, Not War on Drugs’.

23 Jun 2021 | ZOOM

The documentary is part of Incarceration Nations: A Global Docuseries: a mixed-media series about global mass incarceration, narrated entirely by those who have lived incarceration around the world, from England to El Salvador, Argentina to the USA, Brazil and Lebanon to South Africa and Sierra Leone. The ten episodes of Incarceration Nations expose an international crisis while also spotlighting solutions; showcasing the work of INN justice partners from one continent to another. 

This event coincides with the 50th anniversary of Nixon’s War on Drugs and the UK’s Misuse of Drugs Act, marking #50yearsoffailure. 

Audiences will be asked to join the event and will be provided with a link to view the film, followed by a panel discussion with the director and producer, as well as those who featured in the documentary, and people who can speak to solutions to the problems presented: 

• Dr. Baz Dreisinger – Director and Producer (Founder & Executive Director, Incarceration Nations Network)
• Kris Nyrop – formerly with Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion
• Ahmad El Sayed – an interviewee from Lebanon, featured in the documentary 
• Julio Barroso – an interviewee from Brazil, featured in the documentary 
• Imani Robinson (moderator) – Release communications strategist & TalkingDrugs Editor 

Organised by Release the UK centre for expertise on drugs and drugs law, in collaboration with Harm Reduction International, the International Drug Policy Consortium, and Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

Full information and registration here

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