To be held in Amsterdam this event will be bridging the gap between research, harm reduction, treatment and people living with Hepatitis C. Organised by Correlation with support from IDHDP. With several IDHDP members at this event a meeting will be held – please consider coming too.

18 Apr 2017 |

Eradication of Hepatitis C asks for community involvement.

With the new medicines now available an opportunity exists to completely eradicate hepatitis C.  However, it will require pharmaceutical companies, governments, doctors, and health purchasers to come together to ensure these medicines are quickly available to all. Also a crucial factor for success will be the involvement of people living with hepatitis C.

The implementation of harm reduction and low threshold community based services, providing access to testing and treatment as well as effective prevention interventions will be critical to ensure the treatment of high risk groups such as people who inject drugs, men having sex with men and immigrants.


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The summit will bring together medical experts, researcherand representatives of harm reduction and community services to discuss the needs, gaps and opportunities to make treatment available for all people in need. Also to present community approaches for testing and treatment for HCV (and B) and to discuss/agree on further community action and advocacy.


  • To provide a platform for all those involved in HCV treatment
  • To create  synergy with the International Lever Congress conference and its attendees
  • To develop an enduring cooperation in building the road to eradication
  • To launch a consensus statement on community inclusion

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