On April 4 - 5, 2017, more than 120 researchers, policy-makers, public health officials, law enforcement professionals, drug users and community organizers meet in Ottawa to examine the future of Canada’s domestic and international drug policies.

4 Apr 2017 |

Recent decisions by the Canadian government concerning harm reduction, opioids, cannabis, and sentencing are signalling a new approach to managing illicit drug use in Canada. Meanwhile, a new US administration promises to strengthen an already punitive narcotics regime with consequences for control efforts abroad as well as for cannabis policies in many US states. This fast-changing landscape makes now the right time to bring together leading voices from across the country to look across the next decade and help identify new opportunities and directions for drug policies in Canada.

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Hear from more than a dozen speakers and participate in four discussion streams to help shape recommendations concerning:

  • International control and management
  • Decriminalization, regulation and harm reduction
  • Integrating policing and public health
  • Strategies for health and social equity

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