This conference will focus on improving best practices of harm reduction in a context in which the totalitarianism of the war on drugs is" melting at the edges".

23 Oct 2014 to 26 Oct 2014 | Baltimore, USA

The biennial gathering has managed to conceal its true age with youthful vigor. It has been almost 20 years since the practitioners, researchers and providers of harm reduction first came together. The conference is a respite for reflection and rejuvenation; an oasis of social intercourse and a refreshingly cool dip in the abundant networking pool of resources, information, best practices and science. The National Harm Reduction Conference has been a unique venue for those interested in understanding drug use, drug users and the philosophy and practice of harm reduction since 1996.

This is a community conference. We will develop the conference together; it will encompass the range of desires of the participants. As people who use drugs, or as people working alongside people who use drugs, we have many stories to tell and wisdom to impart as to how we make our future brighter and better. Although change is slow, there are signs that we are experiencing a version of drugs glasnost. The totalitarianism of the war on drugs is melting at the edges. As the thaw continues we need to be at the forefront of setting the new agenda.

The National Harm Reduction Conference is a how-to from those that have the know-how on improving best practices. If you know how, you should be there. If you want to know, you should be there. If you want to huddle with like-minded fellow travellers engaging in a dialogue on what is possible, probable and doable, you should be there. I’ll see you in Baltimore!

Deadline for Abstract Submission is July 1, 2014. 

Read here more about the conference. 

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